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Accredited Wireless Adjuster Training: How to troubleshoot about 80% of wireless with tools that co

The Wireless Adjuster course, from wireless industry veteran, Devin Akin, is described as training that teaches “WLAN best practice assessment, remediation and the first 80% of troubleshooting tasks.” The purpose of this course is three-fold: To teach the skills to Assess, Remediate, and Troubleshoot (ART) wireless networks efficiently Accomplish this primarily with an inexpensive WLAN scanner (along with associated tools that may be purchased for under $850) Provide hands-on experience to master the practical aspect of these skills The instructor uses WiFi Explorer Pro (MacOS only), but Windows-based scanners (e.g. inSSIDer by MetaGeek, or WinFi by Helge Keck) are allowed (though not initia



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